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Tdhmom 03:13 PM 10-03-2013
I let all the dcg's play beauty shop and brush my hair and put clips in almost every day. Well today the oldest of the bunch whom I thought was putting a clip in and brushing at the same time, was actually winding my hair repeatedly around the littlest comb we have!!!! I had to CUT IT OUT!!!! Never in my life have I had to cut something out of my hair!!!!

On a plus side...glad it was me and not the little girls.

I went upstairs very calmly and bawled my eyes out!
craftymissbeth 06:34 PM 10-03-2013

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I think I would have a hard time calmly bawling my eyes out. I'd be darn near frantic!
Tdhmom 07:35 PM 10-03-2013
As soon as I was upstairs it was frantic! Especially once I realized it wasn't coming out. Went back downstairs to mass chaos, I'm not in sight then of course all the rules are out the window, grabbed some scissors ran back up cut it out and bawled some more. Definitely a day I want to shove down the memory hole!!
butterfly 07:47 PM 10-03-2013

Sugar Magnolia 03:15 AM 10-04-2013
I'm sorry that happened!! Is that the last session for the beauty shop?
Oh......and GO Cardinals! (sorry, obsessed baseball fan in October!)
Tdhmom 05:11 AM 10-04-2013
Oh definitely no more beauty shop!!!!!!
melilley 10:52 AM 10-04-2013
Oh no!
My sis once wrapped one of those round brushes with bristles on all sides, in her hair and my mom could not get it out so she had to cut a big chunk out of hair off of the side of her head. We still talk about it to this day! Funny, but not.
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