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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Enough With The "Free" Mentality
sharlan 03:32 PM 10-03-2013
I just got another call wanting free.

I posted awhile back about a Mom who interviewed with a newborn. She was willing to pay his weekly rate and was excited about the FREE formula. (I'm on the food program and she was willing to use the brand I'll supply.) Her SA got free breakfast, lunch, and afterschool care at the school. I would have her for 2 1/2 hrs in the AM and have to drive her about 3 miles to school each morning. I would have also had to open up 15 mins early every morning (5:45AM). She wanted me to take care of the SA for $6 a day. Nope, not happening.

I just got a call from a mom with a 6 mo. His current non-licensed provider only charges $90 a week. She also wanted the free formula that she currently pays for. She could not understand why I wouldn't provide 11 hr a day care for the $90 because that's all she can afford. She wants to leave the current provider because her house isn't "all that clean".

Ok, you want a licensed provider who will provide formula and has a clean house for the same amount you pay an unlicensed provider who doesn't provide formula and has a dirty house?????

I suggested she see about subsidized child care. Oh, I don't want to hassle with that.

Really???? Not happening!!!
Shell 05:33 PM 10-03-2013
Wow! "You get what you pay for", so they say, and it sounds like free is more important to these parents, rather than a quality program.
melilley 05:41 PM 10-03-2013
What the heck?! Some people just don't get it!
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