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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Help me write a "benefits of the food program" list
BumbleBee 05:18 AM 12-04-2013
Dcm asked me today what the benefits of the food program would be for her/her kids as well as what the benefits are for me.

All I came up with was:

Her: doesn't have to supply food anymore

Her kids: healthy meals every day

Me: Reimbursement from the government

Any help on other benefits is greatly appreciated!
LaLa1923 05:29 AM 12-04-2013
Her- $$$$SAVINGS!!

YOU- No fighting between kids, no jealousy

BOTH- promotes a "home" environment and feel
itlw8 05:37 AM 12-04-2013
It helps keep your rates down
She can continue attending your program because that is what you are going to do.
You will have someone coming into your house 4x a year so extra eyes making sure you provide a safe healthy environment
MyAngels 05:55 AM 12-04-2013
I like the continuing education aspect of it, and the kid friendly recipes they have.
Play Care 06:32 AM 12-04-2013
Right now the biggest plus for my families is that it is keeping costs down. I was recently switched to Tier I, but before that was seriously considering raising rates because food costs were skyrocketing. Because my reimbursement went up, my tuition rate stayed the same.

I also find my food program training each year to be the most fun and informative. They are always changing things up, making different foods for us to try, etc.
Blackcat31 06:49 AM 12-04-2013
We have a little flyer type letter/notice that we give parents. It says

Does Your Provider Participate in a USDA Food Program?

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federal program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It provides reimbursement to child care providers and centers to help them serve nutritious meals and snacks.

Research proves that children who attend a child care facility that participates on the USDA Food Program eat healthier than those who don't. Children who consume a healthy diet are sick less often, have more energy and fewer health problems.

If your child's provider participates on the USDA Food Program you can be sure that:
  • Meals and snacks are offered in accordance with the USDA Meal Pattern requirements
  • Your provider is receiving regular monitoring visits to ensure program compliance
  • Your provider has access to regular training and technical assistance

Child care providers who participate on the USDA Food Program receive reimbursement for the healthy meals and snacks they serve - which means you can increase revenue without increasing the fees to parents.

Maybe you could use something similar or build off that...

itlw8 07:17 AM 12-04-2013
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