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Punkin.Butts 10:00 PM 12-28-2013
1 can Flaky layers biscuits
1 jar pizza sauce
mini pepperoni or diced ham or whatever topping you'd like!
shredded cheese

Let the kiddos make their own!

press out the flaky layers into thinner round pieces (approx. 3 -4 inch)

let the kiddos layer their own with their sauce, topping, then their cheese!

It only takes about 5 minutes for this to get done and kids love it because then they get to eat it!

Cook for about 8-10 min (normal time for the biscuits)

The "dough" will be soft enough still for young toddlers but strong enough for the bigger kids to pick it up and eat it like a miniature pizza
NightOwl 04:46 AM 07-09-2014
Stealing this!
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