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LadyPearl 07:28 PM 01-14-2014
Hi all,
What do you have for insurance rates? I'm just getting started with the process to become registered and want to look at proper insurance but I'm scared to see how much it costs! I have read a bit about additional liability on an existing policy or getting a completely separate daycare insurance policy. Can anyone shed some light?
MissKrys 07:39 PM 01-14-2014
I'm curious too. My Homeowners Association wants to be listed on our policy...but under California law they are responsible for any additional charges it will cost me. I'm not licensed yet, so I don't know what the costs will be.
sahm1225 08:03 PM 01-14-2014
Before I was licensed I was able to add it through my homeowners insurance for $89/year. It covered up to 4 kids.
Once I got licensed & added more kids it went up to about $650/year. The homeowners add on was very basic & not the. Best coverage.

Good luck!
Unregistered 09:23 PM 01-14-2014
$450/yr. for a small Fam DC in CA
CrackerJacks 11:14 PM 01-14-2014
I pay about $600/yr for a Lg FCH in CA.
MCC 05:37 AM 01-15-2014
I also am in the $600s
melilley 05:42 AM 01-15-2014
I have a fcc w/ a limit of 6 kids and my insurance co quoted around $290 a year. I also have my homeowners insurance through them if that makes a difference.
Stepping 01:07 PM 01-15-2014
I have a separate policy for daycare. Costs approx 670 a year.
earlystart 03:53 PM 01-15-2014
I have a million dollar policy from for about $650 a year, I make monthly payments - small family child care home, 6 kids. I wanted excellent coverage if something should go wrong
daycare 03:59 PM 01-15-2014

I have L FDC I pay $900.00 year for a 2.5 million dollar policy for the daycare
and a 1.5 million dollar umbrella for auto that runs me about 300.00 month

this does not cover employees....thats additional
originalkat 05:57 AM 01-16-2014
Mine is just under $500 a year for 8 kids (1 Million).
TomCopeland 07:57 AM 01-16-2014
Here's a link to a national insurance directory with companies that offer insurance to family child care providers:
LadyPearl 07:57 AM 01-16-2014
I was just quoted over $800/yr for my van in addition to my personal auto policy. Seems high for the usage (I live 1 mile from school.) since my personal policy is $814/yr with 3 vehicles, 2 of which have full coverage. The hunt for liability insurance is turning into a time consuming nightmare.
LadyPearl 07:58 AM 01-16-2014
Thanks for the link!
Second Home 05:47 AM 01-24-2014
When I called to ask my homeowners ins company about daycare insurance they told me they would not insure me and the next month I got a letter saying they would not renew my coverage .
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