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Curriculum>Dual immersion daycare??
has_my_heart 04:36 PM 02-03-2014
What are your thoughts? First of all, I'm in salt lake and dual immersion programs are BIG I have searched and not seen dual immersion daycare though. I lived in Brazil and speak Portuguese fluently. Would it be hard to market for something like this? How to manage? Age groups to accept? Portuguese is similar to Spanish but I'm not fluent in Spanish but I could do Spanish language learning instead? Any additional ideas or thoughts out there? Thanks!
craftymissbeth 04:45 PM 02-03-2014
I think this is an awesome idea!

Here's a daycare I found when I searched on Google
has_my_heart 12:51 AM 02-04-2014
Thanks for the link! I think it sounds fun and beneficial for the kids, I'm just concerned about the marketability. Any other thoughts? Yes/no...or how to go about it??
playground1 07:26 AM 05-30-2014
Are you still interested in this?
LovetheSun 03:34 PM 08-18-2014
I have a language daycare and I was surprise by how many parents were interest by our program.

Learning a new language has amazing benefits in children!
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