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Curriculum>Help Me Brainstorm - Food Lesson
butterfly 11:21 AM 02-07-2014
Hello All -

Please help me brainstorm some fun activities to do with food. Soon I'll be starting a lesson based off of "Eating the alphabet" by Lois Elhert. We are going to do one letter a day and eat several fruits and veggies that correlate to that letter each day.

I'm looking for fun add on activities. Things like making potato heads with real potatoes with toothpicks and other food items.

spoon races: race with a berry on a spoon

Watermelon bowling...

Help me come up with some more fun ideas, Please! Thanks!
melilley 11:31 AM 02-07-2014
A lot of stores sell dry alphabet pasta. You could make alphabet soup with the kids or they could sort the pasta.

Sensory play with pudding

I love the watermelon bowling game idea!
daycarediva 10:46 AM 02-10-2014
banana phone song

sink or float experiments with fruit

apple taste testing

sorting fruit by attribute-fruit/veg/grain/dairy/protein, seeds, color, size, how they grow, etc

fruit pattern cards (strawberry, grape, strawberry, grape)

fruit counting- my group loves to roll a dice and then count that many of whatever item we are using.

collages of each childs favorite foods (store ads would work great)

charts of who likes which new fruits you try.

planting seeds-johnny appleseed?

maybe making a large rainbow and adding pictures of fruit to the rainbow/corresponding colors.
butterfly 11:42 AM 02-10-2014
love the ideas, girls! You are awesome!! Thank you!!
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