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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>On My Worst Days At Least I Can Still Laugh!
ihop 03:28 PM 02-13-2014
Today has been just wretched. Two teething babies and bratty toddlers...

Im just about ready to cry and pull my hair out when dcg who has renamed herself snaps at me when I correct a behavior.
Dcg1-"im not B im (insert snotty annoying name)"
Me- well at daycare I am going to call you the pretty name mommy gave you.
Dcg1- are you serious(with a bad lisp)
Dcg2-(who hears her wrong and also has a bad lisp) I not Sarah
Dcg1- no you not have syrup
Dcg1-yes I do to have a secret.
Dcg2- you don't say stupid
Dcg1-don't tell me to stop it

I laughed for who knows how long. Toddlers are like a very bad game of telephone and they didn't miss a beat
Patches 04:16 PM 02-13-2014
I would be rolling. So funny
Tags:funny, stressed - no more, toddlers
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