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Curriculum>Homemade Montessori Learning Materials
Kcole1075 10:42 AM 02-25-2014
Do you guys have any ideas? Or what have you made?

I want to make dressing boards because I have some children that could really benefit from those.
Vanessa_in_Babyland 01:43 PM 06-19-2014
While I have a long way to go, I love our set up. I worked in Montessori for a few years and feel in love and now that I plan to open my own in home daycare I think the environment is the key. Pinterest is a great resource for making materials and they have tons of hacks!

Feel free to follow my instagram feed and check out my pinterest board
AmyKidsCo 06:01 PM 06-19-2014
Honestly, when I'm looking for ideas for homemade materials I search Etsy and try to replicate what I find there. The only problem is that about half the time I decide that it's not worth the time to track down the materials and make it, so I buy it instead.
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