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Kcole1075 04:20 PM 03-10-2014
Hubby and I have always wanted to move to new york. We talk about it at least once a year.
I was a nanny before I started an in home daycare here so I was thinking about Being a nanny in new york city.

Do any of you ladies have any experience with being a nanny in new york? Did you use any agencies?

Or what are the requirements for being an assistant teacher in new york?
nannyde 06:26 PM 03-10-2014
Pavilion Agency
Cliff Greenhouse

He placed me.twice when I lived in NYC
Lawson2 04:17 AM 03-11-2014
I was a professional nanny for over 10 years. I nannied in different cities throughout my twenties, which was a great way to see the States.
One of my biggest regrets was not living in NYC while I was young (now I am married and have a child).
I did interview with an agency in NYC (and it seemed relatively easy to obtain a job), but the jobs were not for me. This is what they mostly had to offer-

- Live in positions for the weekend (they had a full time nanny during the week).

- Live in positions for the week (most jobs were 6 days a week)

There were very few live out positions- which the agency told me go very quickly when they come in.

I had just left a position in Denver, where the mother never spent any time with her child (and she had her through fertility treatments, so she really wanted this child), so I wasn't about to end up in the same situation.

With the high prices to live in NYC and the nanny pay being almost the same as Massachusetts, I opted for a different area.

With that being said, I love NYC! I do have some friends that live there and they say they are so over the ridiculously high prices and congestion....
It's a great place to visit though....
Kcole1075 09:19 AM 03-11-2014
We have some friends out there. I was a nanny before I started doing daycare.

We are both so young ( I just turned 23 this weekend) and have no children so we wabt to take this time to explore diffrent states together.

My only worry is I would want a live out position and just from looking this week they seem to be hard to find.
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