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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Pink Eye!!!!!
misslori50 03:34 PM 03-27-2014
2 year old comes today with a red eye. No mention of if. By nap time the other eye is red and gooey. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG. The parents are not happy cause i said she can not come back till its clear. Hopefully we can get everything cleaned so it doesn't spread. I hate pink eye.
Meeko 04:12 PM 03-27-2014
Must be a Utah thing...I've got 2 out with it right now!!!!
MissAnn 03:56 AM 03-28-2014
Last year I had one come in that way. Mom insisted it was allergies. I knew better. We all ended up with pinkeye. Never again!
Cradle2crayons 05:02 AM 03-28-2014
I don't exclude for pink eye and thankfully I rarely see it even if there's an epidemic in our local school.... Ick sometimes it's just Ick
misslori50 01:10 PM 03-31-2014
Thankfully it wasn't punk eye. But she did have a double ear infection
KiddieCahoots 02:01 PM 03-31-2014
Had a family that kept contracting it amongst themselves for 9 months! Back and forth....back and forth.....etc.... Have had my full of pink eye!
Mom2TLE 03:32 PM 03-31-2014
When I was running my center we had a dcg come with it. Sent her home but for literally 3 months we would get one with it either dry other week. I think a family was bringing it in from their other daycare but couldn't do anything about it. Just kept sanitizing like crazy.
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