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craftymissbeth 12:54 PM 04-02-2014
Here are some Handbook Cover Pages I whipped up. They're different colors of the same quatrefoil/font design. The links go to Google Drive, but in order to edit them you must download and open with Microsoft Word.

I didn't test print all of them so please let me know if any of them look funky when they're printed.

Quatrefoil - Dark Turquoise
Quatrefoil - Gray
Quatrefoil - Jade
Quatrefoil - Jonquil
Quatrefoil - Orange
Quatrefoil - Pewter
Quatrefoil - Tan
Quatrefoil - Turquoise II
butterfly 12:06 PM 04-03-2014
can you make me some curtains and throw pillows with that pattern? It's really cute!
craftymissbeth 12:17 PM 04-03-2014
Oh that would be cute! Too bad my sewing skills are seriously lacking
KayzKidz 11:29 AM 05-27-2014
Thank you so much for sharing these!!!
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