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TwinKristi 01:40 PM 05-20-2014
But I know I have to.
This poor DCG has had a lot happen in the last 6mos. Mom had a home daycare from her infancy and then in Jan she closed up and got a job and put DCG in preschool. Well I never heard why she left the first preschool, but she was kicked out of the 2nd preschool for frequent urinating and accidents.
Her first week here she only had 2-3 accidents all week and got a sticker when she stayed dry. The second week here she ended up not coming at all due to major diarrhea. She was good Friday but mom kept her home for 24hrs after for safe measure. She returned Monday and had 3 accidents and a low grade fever. Mom had grandma take her to the dr for a urine culture, sent it out and won't know for 2-3 days. Today the poor girl was finally having a good day and then at nap she woke up to go potty and had diarrhea again and has peed/pooped 5x in less than 30 min and is crying about a bad tummy ache. I know mom was written up at work and grandma works too so they don't know what to do. They keep taking her in and they keep saying she's fine but something is wrong with this poor little girl. I told mom this and she's seeing what she can do. I totally feel for the mom because she's a single mom and this is her only job and source of income plus she's gotta pay me even if she doesn't come. But I can't just give the time away because that's not right either. She's only supposed to be here like 2 more weeks.
Blackcat31 01:44 PM 05-20-2014
It's okay to feel bad. I do about lots of parent's or daycare kids' situations.

I learned early on though that sympathy is an emotion not an action so even though you feel as though you want to do something, you can't.
Like you can't disregard rules because you feel bad.

Sympathize with the mom but remember that this is HER life and HER responsibility to manage...

I know that sounds harsh when you say it but it's true.

If you have any ideas and/or suggestions I would definitely share them with her but I always try to remember that I too was a mom that had to "figure" things out when they happened and honestly....when stuff happens, it's never a good time but we manage...kwim?

Offer her an ear, sympathy and/or any ideas but stick to your rules and know that it is what it is.
BumbleBee 02:24 PM 05-20-2014
Lactose intolerant?
TwinKristi 02:35 PM 05-20-2014
No but she does have other food allergies so I think they would know if she was also lactose intolerant. This just started about 10 days ago. Friday she complained of a tummy ache but was sad about missing mommy so we chalked it up to 3yr old dramatics. But that night and then ALL week she had diarrhea. Lost 1.5lbs in that time. She just went home and mom is taking her to the dr again later today.
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