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midaycare 12:30 PM 06-18-2014
For those of you who use an accountant, how do you categorize your receipts for them?

Do you have them divided into expense type? Do you divide them into 100% daycare expense and t/s expense? What is the best way to organize this for an accountant?

Michael 12:59 PM 06-18-2014
Some helpful tags:
midaycare 04:31 PM 06-18-2014
Thanks Michael!
rebekki78 10:01 AM 06-20-2014
I input it all into Minute Menu, print out the reports at the end of the year, and it is all tallied for me My tax preparer said that saved her a ton on time and she was thankful that I didn't come over with a box full of unsorted receipts
AmyKidsCo 12:11 PM 06-20-2014
Ditto Minute Menu Kids!
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