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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Am Thinking Of Buying Or Starting A Daycare. However I Have No Idea Where To Start
TGPII 01:12 PM 07-06-2014
I am thinking of buying or starting a daycare. However I have no idea where to start. Anyone have any advice? If you have a daycare for sale or any advice please let me know. Thank you. Does anyone offer a class on this?
midaycare 01:32 PM 07-06-2014
I would suggest looking into some of Tom Copeland's books. I read some of his books before opening my daycare and it helped a lot!
Michael 01:58 PM 07-06-2014
Some good information here:
NoMoreJuice! 08:31 AM 07-07-2014
I totally recommend talking to these people:

They are a FREE service that can give you advice on contracts, marketing, and any other area of your business. That's also the best piece of advice I can give you: treat it like a real business. We all learn the hard way that you need to be tough about enforcing your policies, and most of us have turned to a pre-payment contract (meaning you pay for the week Monday morning, or you don't bring your child).

Good luck to you, and check in here often for lots of help and support!
jenboo 12:09 PM 07-07-2014
What is your background in childcare? A lot of people want to jump right into running a center thinking it will be quick easy money.
permanentvacation 12:25 PM 07-07-2014
You need to find out the law and rules and regulations of what will be required for you to legally offer care for children that are not related to you in your home in your area. I would google licensed childcare in your area. You can call other legal providers in your area and ask if you need a license and how to obtain one. Or you might find a website that tells you the rules of childcare in your area.
You could probably also call social services and ask them if they can tell you who to call to find out the requirements in your area.

The area I currently live in, we have to be licensed to care for children in our home. We have to first attend an orientation meeting where we are told the general gist of how it will be to run a daycare so we get an idea of whether or not we think we really want to do this. We are also given a large packet of paperwork to fill out. Then we have to get our background check done by the state and FBI, get our house inspected by the fire marshal, take specific daycare classes, become CPR,1st Aid certified, if we plan to watch children under age 2, we have to take a SIDS class, we have to purchase the proper sleeping equipment, toys, books, and other specified equipment, have to prepare our home according to specific requirements to prepare for daycare. Then we have to get our licensing specialist to come to our home to inspect it and approve it for daycare. Once all that is done, we have to wait to receive our license in the mail. THEN we can advertise to watch children.

I lived in Florida where we had 3 legal options to care for children in our home: 1. get licensed which required all the above things plus a fence around our home, 2. get registered, which required some of the above things, but no fence, no one inspected our home, and we didn't have a daycare specialist. 3. If we watched only 1 family at a time, we could simply start advertising and calling ourselves a daycare immediately without doing anything or being overseen by anyone.

So, you have to find out what you need to do legally in your specific area.
permanentvacation 12:29 PM 07-07-2014
As far as classes, if no classes are required in your area, I would definitely make sure to be CPR and 1st AID certified in Infants, Child, and Adults and take a class on SIDS. Even if they are not required, you might need the knowledge from those classes to save someone's life one day.

In my area, there's a place called Child Care Links that offers classes and resources for us. You could google that name or google child care resource center. If you talk to anyone in the childcare field in your area, ask them about classes.
Sugar Magnolia 02:17 PM 07-07-2014
$600,000 includes all equipment, furniture and clients.....also includes real estate.valued at $500k.
TGPII 05:26 AM 07-10-2014
TGPII 05:34 AM 07-10-2014
I want to start small. However I can't do home daycare I don't own the home. Is there a company I could hire to help me get started? Franchises cost to much to buy. What is the best way to find a daycare for sale?

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