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284878 10:48 AM 11-27-2014
This is my first month on the food program. I did the online program and just put in clock in times as 7 am instead of the exact minute that they arrived. Same at clock out, I do not do exact time but round it up. (My attendance form that I show the state is more to the minute.) Should this matter when submitting my claim, that the times are not exact?
snbauser 11:35 AM 11-27-2014
Unfortunately I would say it depends on your food program sponsor. Although it's a national program, it seems to be enforced differently depending on the sponsor. I know for mine, I chuck use the "apply typical drop off and pick up times" button and my sponsor is fine with it.
sharlan 02:56 PM 11-27-2014
I do not do it by the minute, either. I do it in 15 minute increments. I've never had them say anything.
melilley 11:51 AM 12-02-2014
I just go by every 5 minute increment. My fp lady has looked at my attendance and has never said anything.
AmyKidsCo 01:13 PM 12-02-2014
I do it by the nearest 15 minutes also. IMO as long as the child was definitely in care during meals it shouldn't matter. In other words, if you clock a child in at 7:00 when the child actually arrived at 7:05, but breakfast is at 8:00 it shouldn't make any difference because the child was definitely there. However, if the child arrived at 8:30 but you clocked him in at 8:15 and him for 8:00 breakfast you'll probably have problems.
momtomany74 02:00 PM 12-02-2014
My sponsor told me I didn't need to keep track of in and out times. This is my first month also and praying there isn't any trouble with it.
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