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freshd 09:44 PM 02-03-2015
Hello everybody,

We're working towards opening a before/afterschool care facility and would love some feedback on what makes a good or great location?

I'm sure this differs amongst people but what are the key attributes parents are looking for?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Unregistered 02:46 AM 02-04-2015
Close to school or on a school bus drop off route. (check with schools..not all will drop off at a commercial location) want a centralized location where it is easy to get to from different areas since parents are coming from different directions.

Easy in and out parking. Parking off street is better. Personally I prefer multiple parking spots so I don't have to wait if someone pulls in a driveways and parks behind me.

Check with your schools to see if they already offer before/after school care. My school already offers this and has over 100 children registered so having a school with that program in place might not be the best option to be close too.
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