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Unregistered 02:19 PM 03-19-2015
Okay, I'm not trying to start the "age old" question of toilet paper - "over" or "under" - however, in our household it's "over" - but, I've noticed my kids are constantly batting at the toilet paper or there are numerous little "rips" of toilet paper debris on the ground from the kids seemingly struggling with unrolling toilet paper.

Now, I've heard in arguments that toilet paper in the "under" orientation position prevents a lot of trouble and is more "kid friendly" - is there some truth to this?

I'm just laughing about this whole thing, but I figure it would be a subject that some people have probably thought about or maybe never.

Baby Beluga 02:23 PM 03-19-2015
Looks like the original patent was designed for "over"

I have always placed mine over, but notice the same thing as you - little rips on the floor.
Unregistered 02:28 PM 03-19-2015
Just where the kid's have access - I'm thinking of experimenting with the "under" rather than "over" or what some have said - Waterfall method or now proven in 1891 - Seth Wheeler's invention of the perforated toilet paper rolls lol.

Yes, I've seen the article(s) proving the original patent. It's still, never going to go "over" with the "under" crowd and thus the debate continues forever!

But, If going under will help reduce the amount of toilet paper being used, more "cleaner" tears for each square of TP and less batted debris below - as well as reducing the chance of "regurgitated" TP being rolled back up onto itself from a careless child who was witnessed using too much TP - and scrunching it back up onto itself. I'm all for the under right now and seeing how that does....
laundrymom 04:38 PM 03-19-2015
I could care less as long as they remember to change it. Lol.
284878 05:33 AM 03-20-2015
I'm a over, if I'm out using a public room somewhere I will sometimes turn the roll around if it rolls under. I've done it at families homes too, I do it just to see if any notices.

To solve running out and changing the roll issue. We installed a amish made paper towel holder in our bathroom. It has a spring loaded bar and holds 2 rolls of tp. So running out happens less.
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