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riverglen 12:10 PM 03-31-2015

I am getting geared up for summer and spring and would like to do more special events . I don't do any field trips ,but i would like to do some special activities and even parent events for the whole family maybe 1 or 2 of them. So if there is something that you did that the kiddos loved let me know. We are doing earth day planting flowers around the playground. Need some more ideas sometimes pintrest can be overwhelming I hope you guys are having a blessed day
mommiebookworm 01:42 PM 03-31-2015
Last year I did an end of summer party. Basically just a way to transition the older kids to school starting. We had a barbecue and games. The parents loved it. I'm planning on doing it again this year.
Thriftylady 02:08 PM 03-31-2015
We have a park in walking distance. I am in such a small town, I have been trying to think of a way to do a picnic or something to talk to possible clients and have my current family(s) come. I am just not sure how to make it affordable.

Do you have any causes you love to support? Maybe something geared towards that?
kendallina 06:37 PM 03-31-2015
I do an End of the Year Party before preschool lets out in May-basically outside potluck party in my backyard.

Some years I do a Family Valentine's Party (or a Christmas party) where we have a potluck and a "Sing Along" (basically circle time with parents singing too!)

Right now I do a Fall Farm outing with the families. It's during the day, so full-time working families may not be able to do this.

This year I also did an Ice Skating trip during the day with families.

I also a few parties with just the kids- Halloween (pajamas, not costumes), Valentine's, Hibernation Celebration (easter-time).
MissTiff 12:03 PM 04-11-2015
I do an end of the year/beginning of summer party which consists of a big barbecue so that parents can come and enjoy each other's company and some great food! For the kids we have a bounce house and an assortment of "carnival" activities and lots of cotton candy! The families really enjoy it as much as the kids do!
heyhun77 07:46 PM 04-11-2015
We have a family picnic every summer for all the daycare families. We also have family events throughout the year. Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas program with cookies after, pizza party (the kids take orders and bring them to the tables), and then other random gatherings like this spring's dance party and rainbow dinner.

I find that if there is food available and you gather everyone right after daycare closes all families stay. It's hard to ask them to stay for an activity after daycare and then get home late and still have to make and serve dinner before bedtime. I've always done a meal and use it as an opportunity for nutrition education.
daycare 08:46 PM 04-11-2015
We end each summer with a giant potluck luau. It's always a huge hit. We have Hawaiian dancers come teach us how to shake our hips.

Everyone dresses up grass shirts lei flowers the whole 9yards

We play games limbo the kids do a song and dance skit and everyone eats. We also raffle off some great prizes. I do spend about $800 but its a great event that gets the town talking and people know about it on our town. We even made the news paper 3 years ago with it. That was a huge boost to my business.

I bought most if my stuff from oriental trade. Held it at a community park and everyone brought the food. Best time ever always every year.
Lovatic24 09:50 AM 04-12-2015
At my old daycare (went there for 12 years then worked there) we had a Superjump. Dee, the owner, would rent a bounce house (hence Superjump) and we would have hotdogs, frozen fruit salad,and chips. It was held at the end of summer to say goodby to the kids going to school. Dee also invited kids who use to got to the daycare back to see everyone again. It was very fun. And it was a in-home daycare.
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