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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>HELP! My own child is hitting/ biting!
FCCProvider 05:49 AM 05-15-2015
I've been an FCC provider for 8 years. Two years ago we had our first child. So she's been in my daycare from day one. When she was about 20 months she started biting. Sometimes if someone took her toy, sometimes out of no where. I knew it was a phase and I would just have to keep her close and remind her that it hurts her friends. She will be 2 next week, the biting has subsided for the most part, only 1 incident every other week compared to multiple attempts a day. But in the past month or so, she has began hitting. She will just walk up to a child and hit them out of no where. Most of the time it's completely unexpected. We were just at the park yesterday and she walked by a child, pushed them and walked off like nothing happened. I've tried talking with her, having her take a break (time out). I'm trying to stay consistent, but it's not working. I don't know what to do! None of the other daycare children have hit her, I don't know where she's picked it up from.
DaisyMamma 06:32 AM 05-15-2015
My younger child was always abusive to dcks. they want attention. I was never able to get my dd to stop. The only thing that helped was having less kids and sending her to school.
Josiegirl 09:43 AM 05-15-2015
My youngest dcg is turning 2 yo in August. When she started coming here she was 13 months. She started hitting so I would wave and say hi to her target, in hopes that dcg would catch on. And it seemed to work. For awhile. Now she's hitting again, has been for a few weeks and just will not stop. But the dynamics between her and another dcg here(just a few months older) seem to be like that, always hitting, snatching toys, etc. Dcg pulled another dcg's hair this a.m., I just hope and pray she doesn't think of biting cause that's the worst.
I'm also hoping the older kids coming back in a few weeks will help break that cycle she seems to be in right now.
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