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theycallmetaytor 01:21 PM 06-01-2015
I need help coming up with learning activities for the next 4 days! Help? Please
daycare 01:33 PM 06-01-2015
Originally Posted by theycallmetaytor:
I need help coming up with learning activities for the next 4 days! Help? Please
how old are your kids? and what type of curriculum are you wanting?

learn through play?
theycallmetaytor 02:26 PM 06-01-2015
I want something more preschool like....sit and learn. I have a 2yr old and 2yr olds.
daycare 02:45 PM 06-01-2015
Originally Posted by theycallmetaytor:
I want something more preschool like....sit and learn. I have a 2yr old and 2yr olds.
I don't really do too much sitting with 2 year olds, so not too sure I could be of help, but i subscribe to funshine express and alter it to meet our children's interest.

this week we are doing the very hungry caterpillar. We read and played with our stuffed Eric Carle the very hungry caterpillar today. We made caterpillars from poms on paper.

We are focusing on the letters C and H. For caterpillar and hungry

we talked about what happens though a caterpillar life cycle and went on a bug hunt to try and find some. We used huge pillows to make a floor caterpillar and made a human one by placing our hands on the persons shoulders in front of us....
Kind of like you would do the bunny hop.

I can email you my week if you are interested. It's not 100% self explanatory, but i am sure you could figure it out.
if interested, PM me your email address
theycallmetaytor 02:59 PM 06-01-2015
We will only be doing a few hours a day of actual learning. With my group sit and focus works best. I'll pm you. Thanks!
MrsSteinel'sHouse 09:03 AM 06-02-2015
you can check out my fb page MrsSteinelsHouse.

my 2 yr old often looks like that.

we love playdoh.
and sensory bins. Give me a theme and I can help you brainstorm a bin.

theme ideas I can think of- ocean, teddy bear picnic,

a color day (or week

"food" we painted with potato mashers, you can let them put spaghetti noodles into an upside down strainer. There are lots of great food books! Set up a little grocery store....

hope this helps some.
MrsSteinel'sHouse 09:11 AM 06-02-2015
gardening/ farm.
Unregistered 03:07 PM 06-06-2015
Summer is laid back and fun here....may not be what u are looking for tho.

Wk 1 bubbles-make bubble wands from pipe cleaners, thread on pony beads, dollar store bubble wands outside, make bubble pizza-kids tear apart refrigerator biscuits, spoon on sauce, sprinkle on cheese, paint bubble wrap lay construction paper on it for a bubbly effect, suds in the water table ouside-fill buckets with soapy water, scoop out just bubbles, water with dish soap other days in water table, dance to music with punching balloons(so fun), etc.

Wk 2
Rocks! Paint rocks outside, special rocks in science area with magnifying glasses, print with rocks, construction stories, pea gravel in water table outside, small construction trucks, scoops

Wk3 watermelon days-paint a paper plate watermelon with water & dry kool-aid sprinkled on, eat watermelon for breakfast, print with watermelon rinds on watermelon shape, homemade watermelon playdoh with seeds cut from black fun foam, sit at circle with a watermelon and discuss, etc.

Wk 4-Strawberry days
Make Cinderella's soup-a recipe from Disney World. All Disney recipes are online. It's just basically a smoothie. Serve in a bowl, paint a strawberry shape with dry strawberry kool-aid sprinkled on and paint with water. It's smells and looks amazing! Eat strawberries, count felt strawberries, I use my hungry Caterpillar puppet again that is made out of a Pringles can covered with a sock. The kids feed him felt food when their food is named, read the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear, children slice strawberries and bananas with a plastic knife for snack, make strawberry scented playdoh with dry strawberry kool aid for color and scent, hide felt strawberries-give kids a berry basket and they hunt for them, etc.
Unregistered 03:18 PM 06-06-2015
We also make strawberry ice cream in a bag...we do chocolate later in the summer. Take a gallon and a quart freezer ziplock bag , mash strawberries - kids can slice and mash them in their own small ziplock, put all mashed strawberries in quart bag, add milk to 3/4 full, vanilla, few tsp. of sugar, seal well.

In gallon bag add about six cups of ice and six Tablespoons of salt. Place bag of milk mix in gallon bag. Seal well. Line table with dish towels. Have kids just shake bag up and down the table. They will get tired! You will have to finish. Takes about 10 minutes. Freezes harder than soft serve. It's yummy!
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