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Unregistered 06:35 AM 08-12-2015
Can providers claim their own children's meals on the food program?
MommyMuffin 07:48 AM 08-12-2015
I believe from what I read we cannot. You could call a food program and ask. There may be an instance when a low income family could count their children, but I could be wrong.
I'm on WIC and I wonder how that affects my food program and taxes. A few more months and I can get on the food program.
Blackcat31 08:36 AM 08-12-2015
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Can providers claim their own children's meals on the food program?
Yes, you can claim your own children if they eat when child care kid are eating too. I'll find the rule and post it...

There are specific circumstances you must meet in order to claim them though...

"Family day care home providers who meet income guidelines may claim reimbursements for meals served to their own children if at least one outside child is also present for that meal." (
daycare 08:39 AM 08-12-2015
yes you can if you are income qualified....which more than likely means you are of lower income.
snbauser 10:08 AM 08-12-2015
Like the others said...yes but your family must be income qualified AND they must eat what the other kids eat and at the same time the other kids eat.
itlw8 07:36 PM 08-12-2015
and that money is not taxable income but you also do not count your childrens food in the expenses
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