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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Does QRIS Look For As Far As Wall Decor?
Josiegirl 03:48 AM 09-05-2015
I know my mentor has told me they like to see art work of the kids, posters of kid related things. I bought a pack of posters on manners and have some of those up. I'm having the kids decorate the house in fall themes(apples and maple trees). I have random paintings around that kids haven't brought home yet. The trouble is if kids make something they like to take them home.
What else can I put up to make it more kid-oriented, with a variety. I also have a few posters I bought at the dollar store, colors, numbers, etc.
I read the post about decorating with a woodland theme and while I loved the pictures people shared, my playroom has maple boards for walls. I hesitate to call it paneling because it's not that cheap stuff of years ago, it's nice maple so not sure what it is. But it still has the grooves where the boards go together. Plus my playroom is covered with windows all along the side and back walls. I only have 1 small wall with a mirror so I could probably put something above that. I do have some posters between the windows where there is a bit of wall space.

Ooh, I could have them make some kind of stained glass pictures for the windows. Can someone help me come up with other ways to add kid-stuff on the walls? Thanks!!
Febby 05:52 PM 09-05-2015
My state's QRIS also lets us use pictures of the things the children made (out of blocks, legos, play-doh, etc.) We'll sometimes take pictures and then put them up wherever that material is used.

We have family trees displayed. All (well, most) of our families brought in family photos and we made family trees out them. They got laminated and are displayed until the child leaves.

Anytime we do a special event, we take pictures and those get displayed.

We do one group art activity per day here. Whatever they make goes up on the wall. We have five areas where we display artwork (one for each day) and art goes home as we replace it. The children always ask at first, but usually adjust to our display practices.

QRIS here also reeaaaalllly likes it if we have some 3D art displayed somewhere.

We have season related items made/decorated by the children hanging from the ceiling. So in the fall, it's mostly leaves. Winter, we have snowflakes. Spring, we have flowers. And in the summer we have beach buckets.
Josiegirl 04:03 AM 09-06-2015
Cute ideas!! We had rainbows, suns, and clouds hanging from our ceilings all summer long(leftover from spring) . Most of them got ripped down.
I HAVE to figure out my printer. I have pictures on my computer and it was working just fine then I went to print some off a month or 2 ago and it refused to cooperate. I'm lost without that. I could do OHHH so much more then. Just haven't taken the time to work on it.

Thank you for the ideas! Maybe I'll have them paint big apple shapes and fill them with newspaper, hang them from the ceiling. Add some pumpkins too.
Josiegirl 04:06 AM 09-06-2015
And I love the idea of family pics from home. I could put those on the wall over the mirror! Something to add to my newsletter, bring pics!
Josiegirl 10:29 AM 09-06-2015
I lopped a couple big branches off my crabapple tree and will have the dcks make some maple leaves this week, using different kinds of techniques, to hang off the branches, then hang them from the ceiling. In another area we'll do the same only making stuffed apples(stuff with newspaper). I've cut out leaf shapes off the inside of construction paper and they can do the melted crayon stain glass pics for the windows.

On pinterest I found this adorable snail outline, filled with contact paper where the dcks can add small colorful flowers, petals, leaves. And this cool sunflower craft.
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