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Daycare and Taxes>Vehicle Repair Question
daycare 06:01 PM 10-28-2015
I have to replace my entire engine in my car and the cost will be about $5700.

I use my vehicle to transport one child to and from school, how much of this can I write off. OR can I even write any of it off?
Michael 01:39 PM 10-29-2015
Some information from Tom Copeland:

The business portion of car expenses are determined by dividing the number of business miles you drove by the total number of miles you drove. So, if you drove 2,000 business miles and 10,000 total miles, your business portion is 20% and you get to deduct 20% of car loan interest using the standard mileage rate, and 20% of all actual expenses, using the actual expenses method.
daycare 03:18 PM 10-29-2015
for taking the time to answer this for me
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