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Josiegirl 10:38 AM 11-09-2015
I have 2 dcgs, sisters, ages 2 and almost 4. They're all in-your-face and hands on. No matter what I've tried with them, they will NOT stop bugging kids when they come in, in the a.m. I realize they're so excited to see their friends come and play with them BUT a couple of these dcgs are a bit shy and need a few minutes to warm up. And it doesn't matter what they were involved in when the kids come, or what I've told them(give them space, they might want to say byebye to their mommy, etc.) they still run in and get right in their face. Some of it is also because they know it bugs the dcgs.
I was saying hi to the twins this a.m. and 3 dcks were jumping on me, trying to get my attention. These kids are not attention deprived but you'd swear they were.
Any advice what I can do to keep their interference at a minimum when shyer kids are trying to come in(poor things just want to run right back out)or when I'm trying to talk with dcm of twins for a couple minutes. I know kids are completely egocentric but this is getting ridiculous.
Oh and another thing some of the kids do is when the twins come in, in their car seats, they're usually carrying some little toy with them and they grab them right away from the tots, I ask them to give it back. If they don't I take it back and give it to the tot and say it's hers, don't take it away. But they're just not getting it.
Snowmom 08:10 AM 11-10-2015
I have a set of twins here like that. They're not allowed on the rug (front entrance area). When they come in, they have "rules" they must follow:
1. Take off your shoes and hang up their coat
2. Go downstairs (play room) and stay there until all children are here

#2 is the same for pick ups.
They are not allowed to go up the stairs. If they start, they are told to go back. I do this for the reasons you mentioned above and ALSO for the safety of everyone.... too many people at the front entrance can lead to safety hazards: A child could easily run out the front door, little ones can trip on shoes, etc.

If you don't have a space to have the children away from the door, you could always have a gate or area they're not allowed to cross over. I know it's hard. These guys test the rules all the time too. They're just reminded every time they test it- I don't care if it's in front of parents or not...rules are rules for a reason.
Hunni Bee 08:31 AM 11-10-2015
I don't allow anyone to greet anyone at the door. It's the rule. I have one who will go up to parents picking up and dropping off their kids and starting talking to them nonstop, so much that they can't even say hi or bye to their own kid. Which then attracts more kids til the family is surrounded . I explained the rule and why, and then when they attempt it, I just redirect and not particularly nicely either.

It's going to just take a blunt "NO - go play" every single time.

Now, my own daughter does this in her room..must go and hug every parent who comes in and it makes the other kid jealous and upset. That's something her teachers have to correct
Fiddlesticks 08:31 AM 11-10-2015
My daycare space is in what would be a formal living room and dining room, the "living room" connects to the entryway, but I have a gate there and no children are allowed in the entryway unless their own parent is here. That allows me to greet each child/say good-bye to each child individually. Is there a way to keep all of the other children out of the entryway altogether? They may still stand at the gate and cause a ruckus, but at least they won't be right in the other children's faces.
Josiegirl 09:56 AM 11-10-2015
I wish I could block it off somehow. When you enter the house, it's right into the living room. I'd have to block them all into the kitchen and I just wouldn't feel right doing that. It wasn't quite so bad this a.m. because the twins were the 2nd group in so I was able to sit right on the floor and interact with the 4 of them a lot easier than all 6. It seems like some of it depends on the order in which they arrive too. Plus I had a good talk with the 2 main culprits(sisters)before the twins arrived.
Just seems to be more issues lately, jealousy and sharing issues, these 2 to 3 yo's are sweet and lovable but oh so challenging.
kendallina 03:53 PM 11-10-2015
I also don't allow anyone to greet at the door. When someone comes in, they are supposed to stay where they are, they are welcome to say hi and wave and that's about it until the child has taken care of their things and said goodbye to mom.

I often have an activity out that the children are supposed to come and join when they are done saying goodbye and I'm usually sitting right with them and they are not supposed to get up. It sounds similar to what you had going on this morning...

I have one child that would go up and hug another child's dad when that dad came in (we're from a small town and everyone knows everyone else's families) and it just got weird. So, I had a few conversations with this child about what we need to do when someone comes in the door (we stay where we are and say hi) and I did a lot of reminders before the dad would come at pick-up and that worked really well, he doesn't do this anymore.
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