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Jazzii 11:22 AM 01-12-2016
I've noticed a lot of people on here list themselves as an only provider so I thought this would be a fun way to see whose out there

My daycare: (I'm an assistant)

Group Family
16 child capacity
4 assistants+ provider

Currently we have 33 children registered, we are non-traditional hours: 7 days a week

M-F 6:30-11:00
Saturday: 7:00-10:00
Sunday: 7:00-5:00 every other week

On our busiest day we have 16- 12 kids during the day and we jump to 16 at 3:30

6 infants (under 24 months)
5 toddlers (2-3)
1 preschooler (4)

After school/school age
4 (4,8,9,9)
Thriftylady 12:04 PM 01-12-2016
Small family home in Ohio

7 children enrolled

4 children here full time

The youngest is 3 and in Pre K. Next one is 4 that I preschool.

The rest are all SA.
Blackcat31 02:26 PM 01-12-2016
Large family child care in Minnesota

Separate child care home.

14 children enrolled.

I work alone with the exception of lunch
(DH comes in and cooks and serves lunch.
Even does the dishes before he leaves.)

I have 10-12 children daily.

Youngest is 6 months oldest is 5 yrs.
Rockgirl 02:40 PM 01-12-2016
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Large family child care in Minnesota

Separate child care home.

14 children enrolled.

I work alone with the exception of lunch
(DH comes in and cooks and serves lunch.
Even does the dishes before he leaves.)

I have 10-12 children daily.

Youngest is 6 months oldest is 5 yrs.
You have a good thing going with the lunch situation! That is really the only time now that I feel a bit overwhelmed. Just trying to monitor the playroom while making lunch. Sometimes my dh will make pancakes for the dcks for breakfast, and it is the highlight of everyone's day.

I used to have 10-12 dcks, including SA's, but now just preschool age. I have six kids, ages 2-4. I am a registered child care home in Texas.

Great post--I will enjoy seeing all the different programs we have here.
Controlled Chaos 03:08 PM 01-12-2016
I do childcare out of my basement (split level)
Licensed for 8 + my 2 kiddos who don't count. 10 here nearly everyday.
Children ages 5m - 5 years old.
Open 7-5, but typically working 7:20-4:50
4th year providing care, 1st year licensed.
Trying to transition to no babies under 12/15m but current families keep having babies

TXhomedaycare 03:44 PM 01-12-2016
Small family in Texas
6 full time boys (2 kids are mine)
Just me no help but prayer
Ages are 1, 2, 2, 3, 4 and my son turned 5 today
Silly Songs 04:15 PM 01-12-2016
Lead pre school teacher
Center retakes 6 weeks- 5 year olds
After school program for K-4th grade
racemom 04:49 PM 01-12-2016
Center. Max #50 not sure on enrollment.

Toddler teacher (18mo-3yrs). Max 6 toddlers, full everyday.

I work 730-530 4 days a week.
spedmommy4 05:13 PM 01-12-2016
Large family child care in California

child care is in separated addition attached to my home

16 children enrolled. (Full time and part time)

6:1 ratio so I have an assistant daily

I have 6-10 children daily. I take referrals from friends in special education so I have an above average number of kids with special needs. I typically maintain lower numbers.

Youngest is 18 months oldest is 6 yrs.
finsup 05:30 PM 01-12-2016
Small, home based Christian program.
Legally unlicensed and allowed 2 kids in addition to my own. Our own do not count in numbers unless we become liscesned.
Currently have 4 kids, my own 3 and 1 dcb. Had a second kiddo get done around my third child's birth and well, I've been extremely picky about who I fill the spot with lol. Honestly, I'm enjoying a lighter day right now! I homeschool as well. Youngest is 2 months, then 20 months, almost 3 and 4.5. I accept kids 6 weeks-5yrs.

I work alone.
Puddleduck 02:48 AM 01-13-2016
Home childcare provider in Ottawa, Canada with a background in Early Childhood Education.

In Ontario you can only care for 5 children (even with an assistant- 5 is the absolute maximum...) and you must count your own kids under 6 years. Max of 2 under 2 years as well.

My ages are 3, 2, 2, 1, and my own 4 month old daughter.

My basement is a dedicated daycare space.

Hours are from 7:30-5:00
Hunni Bee 04:55 AM 01-13-2016
Large center (about 400 enrolled). Main location of an small hometown based chain but we have locations abroad. Separate after school program.

I am lead in one of the four-year-old classrooms. 20 children, 10 for which I am directly responsible.
Josiegirl 09:46 AM 01-13-2016
Registered Home daycare, we're allowed 6 FT and 4 SA. Right now I'm down to 5 because one is out til April. The past several summers I've had 10 dcks and I'm so tired of it.
I have a smallish home, 960 sq.' and use the whole main floor for dc because it's just me and my pups.
Ages are 19 mo twins, 2 1/2, almost 3, and 4. All girls. In fact, except for 1 SA dcb who probably won't be coming again, I've had just girls for maybe 3 years. Dcm who just had a baby and will be starting at some point, had a girl. Phew.
kendallina 10:44 AM 01-13-2016
in Ohio
6 kids, ages 3-5 yrs old
in-home preschool- main level, separate living space
open 8:30-5:15

work by myself, but now have a sub to cover maternity appts and leave
Stacy01 03:07 PM 01-13-2016
I am in Minnesota. Have 9 kids enrolled.

6 full time - 4 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year, 3 years, 4 years

2 School Age 5 years & 6 years.

I have 1 other enrolled as a drop in.

I am doing it on my own, running around most of the day like a wild women. I have recording video monitors in ALL of my rooms used for daycare. Helps with behavior issues knowing they are ALWAYS watched, and I can show mom and dad the video of them being naughty.
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