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Unregistered 10:20 AM 02-25-2009
I am opening a daycare in California and I was wondering if it is a requirement to have a changing table. My brother takes his kids to a daycare where each kid has a changing pad and she just puts that down on the ground and thats where she changes the babies. I thought it was a requirement to have a changing table, am I wrong?
lilbiddapopcorn 01:45 AM 02-26-2009
I did a family child care out of my home and it wasn't a requirement for me. My attitude is why risk it? If I put a pad down and change a baby on that, there's nowhere the baby can fall to! As long as you keep a different one for each baby or use a plastic one and sanitize it after each use I don't see why the state would require you to make anymore accommodations than that.
Unregistered 03:35 PM 04-26-2009
In Michigan we are not allowed to change children on the floor, sofa or anywhere other then a changing table or station (disinfected after each use) and near a sink.
Unregistered 11:49 AM 04-29-2009
Changing tables aren't a requirement in Minnesota . A wipeable surface is required . it could be anyhing that can be wiped down and cleaned when soiled . I personnally use a changing table but once i thought about taking it out so i would get more space so i ask my licensor and she said i could put the pad on the floor and change them . I still kept my changing table though.
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