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Natural, Holistic and RAW Lifestyle>Best Solution to HEAD LICE
leahj1010 01:26 PM 03-14-2016
Over 10 million Americans are infected with head lice each year.

Is your child at risk?

Head lice is a common problem because of its highly contagious nature yet completely treatable. Pediculosis humanus captis, or head lice infestation affects most children at some time during their school days.

Unfortunately, most physicians prescribe neurotoxic poisons that can be readily absorbed through the skin with un-wanted side effects including birth defects and even cancer.

The good news is that there is a treatment AND prevention that is safe yet very effective.

Tea Tree oil!

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, which is endemic to eastern Australia, and is therefore also called melaleuca oil.

Tea tree oil is special because of its antiseptic potency along with strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. For these reasons, tea tree oil has been found to be an excellent treatment for lice because it is strong enough to kill lice for good, yet gentle enough to use on you or your child's head daily.

How to Treat

To treat a case of head lice simply purchase a shampoo that already contains tea tree oil in it or add the oil in your shampoo. Shampoo daily and use a fine toothed comb to remove the lice along with their eggs that are referred to as nits.

Wash all of the clothing, bedding, coats, combs along with vehicle head rests or anything that might have come into contact with the lice with hot water, soap and tea tree oil.

How to Prevent

Prevention is key to protect you or your family to even being exposed to those nasty creatures.

Using products like shampoo with tea tree oil as an active ingredient, can prevent head lice from ever jumping in your hair or your children’s.

I get my Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo from a company that has the HIGHEST grade in the world!

I hope you found this helpful and if you ever have questions, just let me know.
Angelsj 01:55 PM 03-14-2016
Lice don't jump. And just so you are aware, tea tree oil is not entirely risk free. Though it is better than the nasty stuff in the over the counter or prescription based stuff.
Unregistered 05:14 PM 03-14-2016
Is this something you are selling?
PalmaHall 10:58 PM 06-07-2017
We used to wash our hair with shampoo then apply tea tree oil or virgin coconut oil before combing the lice and eggs off.
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