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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>FL Relocating... Florida Provider’s Advice Please!?!?
kidcrazednluvingit 11:43 AM 03-29-2016
I am a family child care provider in MN. I have worked as a teacher in centers for years and opened a family child care (home) program about two years ago.
My husband and I are planning to relocate to SW Florida (Naples) in next year. I was hoping to connect to providers in the area for some insight in the local market to determine if I should be looking for work in a center, or opening an in home program?

Here are some of the questions I am wrestling with...

1) Is there much demand for in home care in the area?
2) There are a lot of gated communities in the area- do people do child care in these communities/condos/town homes?
3) If I worked in a center what is the average hourly pay for a child care teacher?
4) What is required for Center Lead Teacher qualifications in FL?
5) How is the licensing process in the Naples area?
6) What are average in home rates in the area?

Any information/advice would be so appreciated! It will give us so much direction as we prepare to search for a home and plan for jobs/ income!!!
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