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Josiegirl 04:03 PM 07-22-2016
And what makes them stay?

Just curious.
DaveA 05:15 PM 07-22-2016
Whatever do you mean- why WOULDN'T they want to come here?

Seriously- it all boils down to comfort. They feel comfortable their child is safe and having fun here. That and it fit their schedule.
NillaWafers 05:18 PM 07-22-2016
Low price that doesn't imply that their kid is sitting in front of a tv all day, although we do occasionally watch tv, haha.
kendallina 06:33 PM 07-22-2016
Small, hands-on preschool, lots of outside time, lots of free play. Comfortable, cozy space. And because I'm
Josiegirl 03:52 AM 07-23-2016
Originally Posted by DaveA:
Whatever do you mean- why WOULDN'T they want to come here?

Seriously- it all boils down to comfort. They feel comfortable their child is safe and having fun here. That and it fit their schedule.
For some reason I picture you using your other professional abilities for intimidation purposes.
Josiegirl 03:59 AM 07-23-2016
Guess I could answer my own question.
I feel it's because I offer their children a home away from home. We do basically the same things I always did with my own kids; lots of outside time, playing with all the basic type of materials, tons of books, good(enough) food. What I mean by that is I serve lots of nutritional components along with a treat or 2 a week. I (trying anyways)teach manners, sharing, using words, helping each other, etc. And I can be silly. Sure, I'm all reserved and adult on the outside but.........

Once I can reel them in, they stay because the group becomes like an extended family. Ya know, love/hate relationships.
childcaremom 05:46 AM 07-23-2016
I just switched so that I am following the school year. So number one reason is that. There are not many providers that will do that (I only know of one other one).

Aside from that:

I advertise that we spend as much time as possible outside in all weather. Many providers here only take the group out weather permitting so that is always a huge draw for me.

I serve healthy, from scratch meals.

They like my policies. Especially my illness policy, which is very strict after I changed it.

They like my approach to group discipline. They like knowing that I won't tolerate certain behaviours for an extended period.

And I think the biggest draw, like someone else said, is that I always tell parents that I do things with the group that I did with my own kids. So outside, good food, good rest and lots of fun. Follow the kids lead as to activities and so on.

And they know my kids (and teach them) so know that they have all survived under my watch.
MunchkinWrangler 07:05 AM 07-23-2016
Many of my dcfs like my daycare because I have a small group and although I'm structured, I still leave room for free play.

I am a big safety person and am a rule follower by nature. So I have also been chosen for my cautious nature.

The reason most stay is when I get kids from centers or larger environments they have noticed a change in their child's schedule(everyone naps and well here.) They also like how it isn't so chaotic and they like dealing with one person instead of a revolving door of employees that can't give a full synopsis of their child's day if they are wondering. They like their child just getting one caregiver even though my attention is divided.
finsup 08:40 AM 07-23-2016
Experience and education level, and a small home like setting but still with a routine/structure. That's whatI've been told at least! I would think being Faith based would be a huge selling point, but not so much lol. One family I have is Christian and sought out faith based care. They are it in nearly 5 years of being open. The rest have all been secular who don't seem to mind. No problem with that at all, just odd to me. There's so few Faith based places here I figured that would be more in demand.
Claraskids 11:52 AM 07-23-2016
What I have been told is that I get calls based on my location (right off the freeway exit but on a cul-de-sac), my teaching degree, and that I take infants and toddlers.
The families ask for a spot usually right after the initial interview for a few reasons. I've heard they love my physical set-up (vegetable garden, fish tanks, two levels for daycare), like that I homeschool my younger children (I thought that would scare people off), and love that my enrollment stays small. My most recent family chose me because "you were the only place that didn't give me a sales pitch".
I just asked all my current dcp that have been with me for over six months what they like about my fcc:
*feels like family
*my kids beat me to your door and don't want to leave at the end of the day.
*you focus on learning through play and there is no worksheets

I also only take infants through 4 year olds. Once they start Kindergarten, they graduate out of my program.
midaycare 07:51 PM 07-23-2016
Education, in-home that still is very private (home you can't see from road, no real neighbors, yet I'm smack dab in town, just live on some acreage), daycare has separate entrance so it feels like a business and in-home at the same time, dedicated floor to daycare, curriculum yet also learning through play, fenced in play area, acreage of mature woods with many walking trails for the kids, organic, healthy homemade foods.

Those have been the big draws. Some come because I have education, some like the food, some like my outdoor space, some like curriculum. Just depends on their needs and wants.

They stay (I think) because their kids like it here. I'm also fairly friendly, although I have my days ...
Sunchimes 02:09 PM 07-24-2016
The number one reason my current families chose me is because I never have more than 3 kids. I had all s/n kids for a while, and they liked that I welcomed all of the therapists, listened and learned what needed done and taught the parents, and spent all day actually doing the therapies. They rarely had to miss work for therapy. My current families like me because I treat these kids like I would my own grandkids, except with a few more rules.
Unregistered 05:48 PM 07-24-2016
Most of my families are from personal referrals so that gives me a good start. I tell them to use their own brains though since choosing child care is a personal decision.
From what I hear, they choose me because I offer healthy food, am known as being reliable, and because I take a personal interest in each of my child care children. And I think I am able to demonstrate my level of interest in my work during our interviews.
I think they stay because that is all true, somewhat hard to find, and because they find a sense of community here that is almost like a second home. Most of my children stay from infancy to school-age and many remain friends when they leave here.
Blackcat31 06:57 AM 07-25-2016
Most the families I have chose my program based on reputation. I have been in the business for a while and in my community stability and longevity are the basis for a good reputation.

I also think families chose me because:

nanglgrl 08:06 AM 07-25-2016
Hmmm..I'm not entirely sure. I do shorter hours (7:30-4). I take plenty of scheduled time off and I don't become part of their extended family.
I think most families chose me because I'm no nonsense. I state my policies in the interview and I don't bend on them unless I choose to help out. I think some are attracted to the "I don't NEED your business" attitude. By because of my policies I'm:
-incredibly reliable. It's a rare day when I need an unscheduled day off.
-their children rarely get sick.
-there is never tension about payment, illness, days off, late pick ups or early drop offs (I just don't allow it).
I know some families chose me because (these families usually don't stay after they are accepted into 3 to preschool):
-of my space. It looks like a preschool to them and they think their child will be smarter than the many even though I stress that I don't do preschool.
-of my quality rating, experience, education.
I hope they chose me because (these families stay until their child ages out):
-I keep children safe. It's incredibly rare for a child to get hurt here.
-I let them play. I let them get dirty.
-I'm a goof ball and their children laugh so much when theyre here.
-I make sure every child knows they're loved.
-I want the best for every child.
-I stress self help skills, team work and independence
daycarediva 10:02 AM 07-25-2016
-policies-firm on illness/behavior
-developmentally appropriate/play based
-farm to table as much as possible, organic
-I don't take infants
-my space/equipment, I have been told it's nicer than any center 'classroom' in our area (I have only seen a handful)
-reliability/stability -most of my business is word of mouth
Controlled Chaos 01:45 PM 07-25-2016
- I have a teaching license, not an early ed degree but parents like to see that I was a "real" teacher (their words not mine) before daycare.
- I have a curriculum for prek that I document well
- price: cheaper than a prek at a center but more expensive than any other fcc around here
- marketing: I am really good at showing what we do here. I have a solid website, active FB presence and text parents pics of kids. So they see what they are paying for.
- Referrals: I am friendly and outgoing. Parents feel comfortable with me.
Food - mostly organic, nothing processed, lots of fresh produce, some from our garden.
Pestle 09:48 AM 07-28-2016
-Reasonable hours for parents who work a typical 8-5 job
-Safe and spacious areas for learning and play. I put my degree and six years of practice in design to work when I set this house up!
-A small, well-curated collection of toys. Not the massive pile of broken, grimy plastic toys at most family day cares.
-A back yard set up for creative play and exploration.
-A policy handbook that address concerns first-time parents didn't know they would have (sick policy, discipline, emergency plans, etc.)
-An emphasis on teaching independence and personal care for toddlers; they are here to learn through doing, not just be lectured or corralled.
Pestle 10:00 AM 07-28-2016
Oh, and it's not a Christian day care. I have a degree in theology and we do Montessori religious instruction for our own child, but we don't have any religious content in the day care. I have an atheist family and a Jewish family, and here in the middle of the Bible belt, they must find it hard to find a family day care provider who won't proselytize to their kids. Most of the Craigslist postings I see advertise Christian care. I believe that religion is too important and too nuanced for anybody but the family to take the lead in passing it along.
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