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PAcaregiver 10:55 AM 04-24-2017
Hi there!!

I have been operating a family childcare out of my home for almost 10 years but with the new laws that have gone into effect for Pennsylvania, I am feeling burnt out. I am considering going to unlicensed and only watching 3 children in my home (which is legal). It hardly seems worth it to have to follow all these regs and have yearly unannounced inspections for 6 children.

My question is, does anyone know the process for ending licensure? I was told I would need to write a letter and return my license to the state office. Does anyone know if I they come out for a final inspection - and if so, would I even be required to allow them to come inside if I'm no longer licensed?

Thank you for your help!!!
Cat Herder 11:45 AM 04-24-2017
I would expect unannounced visits for a bit due to the high number of providers who claim they have closed and continue operating illegally.

Like most rules, they exist because someone, somewhere did something stupid.

I would just let them in like usual, otherwise you would really be putting yourself on the radar.
Unregistered 03:16 PM 05-06-2017
It's your home. You don't have to let anyone in once you've turned in your license. They will probably only come out if there's some sort of complaint and you still don't have to let anyone in without proper documentation and the police.
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