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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Is The Daycare I Work At Sketchy?
bridgetharvey22 09:41 AM 05-26-2017
I am a little upset at my work situation currently.. I am working in a daycare and it is good with the occasional slip up here and there. I come in at 1 o'clock, and the kids are still sleeping for 30 more minutes, and we go to have snack at 2. This is a good schedule, only I'm watching 14-16 kids, changing them, cleaning up, getting shoes on, all in 30 min. These kids are 2 year olds, all the way to kids who still have a bottle to go to sleep and stumble when they walk. Theres a kid in there who isn't even one years old yet. It has been a challenge, because in my opinion this is entirely too many kids, and the older kids are way too rambunctious for the babies. Today a little girl bit one of the babies on the foot, and guess who got the heat for it and was told that it was not okay and that I should pay more attention? Me. 15 children I was watching today, and get changed all in a timely manner, and I missed the bite on the foot. Of course i MISSED IT! In my opinion it is just unsafe to have that many children in such a tiny space, all going crazy after nap time. Last week, I had a kid get a nose bleed, and I panicked because I wasn't sure what happened, and yelled down the hall for the owner, (he was with a mom who was wanting to enroll her child there) and I was told that they're was company there and basically that it was inconvienent timing. I am very loving with the children, we read books, do puzzles, dance, sing, I try to do more then just stick them in a center while they cry for 30 min about it. And I still get ragged on constantly. While I had another teacher last week with me in the baby room, constantly saying the "f" word every other word, cursing, just not acceptable behavior to me, but I get in trouble for silly things like having my phone in my back pocket. This same teacher also never burps the babies after they have their bottle, and one day I took it upon my self to burp a baby who looked like she was choking, and she vomitted everywhere. It made me so sad to see her like that. It is just hard leaving work everyday feeling incompetent, and like you can't ever do anything right. I try to be the best teacher I can for these kids, and even like it so much that I would love to teach 2nd or 3rd grade when I finish school! Is this normal for a daycare? Or am I being too dramatic? Any insight on this would be great!
flying_babyb 12:52 PM 05-26-2017
depends on the state! I know in wi we cant have more than 8 in a group of 1 year olds, 10 in a mixed group I believe. I usally have 6 1's. Once they hit one we say no more bottles in our room, we do formula in sippys till 1 year 3 months. If it were me, I would RUN not walk, away. I would be worried that if something major happened, that they would blame me, think of how bad that would be!
CalCare 07:59 AM 05-27-2017
Hi! So, where I am, you can have more children for one adult when they are asleep. So, it may be that your center is within ratio when you get there, but as the kids start waking up, you are possibly going out if ratio. Can you send them out of the room to someone else? As soon as one wakes up, hand him his shoes and get eye contact with the other teacher (that hopefully exists and has a tiny group nearby!?) and send him out to her. Eventually when the number of sleepers in your room comes down to the legitimate number you can have awake, then you wouldn't send anymore out as they wake.

Also, you shouldn't have to get all their shoes on and do all these things in a quick minute for each child. The whole point of being a teacher is helping them learn, right? You aren't teaching them anything if you are processing diapering, toileting and shoes as quickly as possible like a factory while kids are getting wild and bitten. Try to brainstorm processes that will make it smoother. Can each child have their own shoes by their mat? If you have to keep all those awake kids to yourself, can you not do shoes- maybe just do what is absolutely necessary like diapers and toileting and then have everyone carry shoes to a bench right outside, there you do the shoes? So each child can work on putting their own shoes on at their own pace? Could you leave all the nap mats out, not doing any cleaning, folding, put away mats? Because you have to supervise and get those awake children out to where you have other teachers asap. Supervision is the highest priority.

That's also why you got busted for your phone. A: it's an obvious visual of breaking a rule and B. If you are doing anything with your phone, you are not supervising as well as you would be without it. The person who has ridiculous behavior in front of the kids, probably doesn't do that in front of the boss (guessing!?) But your phone is right there for all to see. Also the co-workers have been there a longer time and know what they can get away with.

Lastly, have you been there long? Often kids will increase testing behaviors when there are changes or new people because they need to chart out what they are able to get away with too! You probably have kids that don't need you to put their shoes on at all, but you are doing it out of efficiency and that's making the kids ever more dependent on you. Not only for physical help but also their own decision making and self regulation (like not biting). So, perhaps if that rush time to do shoes and diapers slowed down, and the kids have some responsibility (maybe they already do, I have little info and guessing based on years of center experience!), maybe things could change for the better. Oh and if you are kind of new, maybe you don't​ have a really solid routine that the kids have become accustomed to? You could make a poster with pictures, showing the after nap routine. So, when Johnny is doddling instead of putting on shoes or whatever, you can say, "let's look at the routine. Oh yes, I see. Wake up, shoes on, potty, and then outside! I can't wait to go outside (no literally, Johnny, I can not wait to go outside). So let's get those shoes on!" Heheheh

Centers can be hectic and sometimes it just will be loud and rushed. I feel your pain! I hope you can try some things that will help. Also bring Excedrin. Lol jk sort of.
Unregistered 12:19 PM 05-28-2017
I volunteer at a daycare here in Alabama and we DO NOT have that many kids per teacher (even napping). If I were you i would contact the department of human resources immediately and I would turn in my notice and find me another job. You SHOULDN'T be treated the way you are being treated. As far as the phone goes, our policy states that you can have your phone out only at break or if you need to text another teacher to watch your class while you go to the restroom. If you need to make a call, have another teacher watch your kids while you make or take a call.
Unregistered 12:23 PM 05-28-2017
Also, sounds like to me that all they have hired is a bunch of 20 year Olds that don't know what they are doing. I work with 2 young girls that think they know everything and also think they can do whatever they want and not get anything said to them which is why I think they have updated our cell phone policy
mommyneedsadayoff 03:01 PM 05-29-2017
i am not sure of ratios, but if you are in over your head, you should speak up. Dont take on more than you can handle when it comes to kids. Liability is an issue, but more over, you will burn out quicly and resent something you once loved. All the best!
CeriBear 05:00 AM 06-01-2017
I'm not sure what the ratio is in your state but 14-16 infants and toddlers sounds like way too many. I'd check into what the ratios are for your state and if the center is in violation report them.
Flowerchild 08:50 AM 09-12-2018
Sounds like too many. I'm not allowed 9 mixed age. I was over by 1 when we were short staffed and it got crazy. I can't imagine 14 of them.
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