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Josiegirl 02:16 AM 06-16-2017
Can you list your top 5 authors for me? I've gotten to the bottom of my reading stack and need to make another trip to the library tomorrow. But I've run out of ideas of who to read. Last time I went, I picked up 3 books that I thought looked really good and 2 of them I couldn't make it through the first 50 pages. So....any suggestions??
For me my top 5 authors would have to be:
Jodi Picoult
Harlan Coben
Kristin Hannah
Linwood Barclay
Elizabeth Berg

DaveA 04:33 AM 06-16-2017
Louis L'amour (I have them all. Grew up reading them)
Vince Flynn (Can't wait to see what they do with American Assassin as a movie. If the f up the Mitch Rapp character I will be hacked.) With the exception of "Term Limits" which is stand alone you're better off reading them in order or it can be confusing.
Don't know the real author but the "Castle" series was pretty good. They wrote them as the books he was supposed to be writing in the TV show.
Michael Crighton
I love Sherlock Holmes stories, so Arthur Conan Doyle is a must.
Blackcat31 06:33 AM 06-16-2017
Stephen King ~(LOVE a good psychological thriller! Duma Key is my fav!)

John Grisham ~ (die-hard legal mystery fan! Rainmaker and A Time to Kill are my favorites)

Stuart Woods ~ (another legal mystery writer... but usually set in L.A. or New York and involves the fictional rich/famous) my favorites are Sante Fe Rules, Imperfect Strangers and Run Before the Wind)

Janet Evanovich ~ (Can NOT stop laughing out loud!!! Even my DH will ask me to read aloud the parts that make me laugh out loud) Love all of her books; especially the Stephanie Plum series so you just gotta start with #1 which is One for the Money.

Ann Rule ~ True Crime that will grab you and such you in! Her books are short stories usually but she does have a few full length novels. She is SOOOO good that I've cried right along with the families of the victims and wanted to advocate for strong punishment for the killers but that's the thing. She writes so well that you feel like you "know" both the victims and the killers in the story and all of them are true but tragic stories. The one that touched me the deepest but cant quite say it's my favorite as that sounds bad but Small Sacrifices. It's heartbreaking but yet I couldn't put it down.

I also love:

Liane Moriarty (So FUNNY!!!)

Jackie Collins ~ (money, fame and fortune)

Lisa Scottoline ~ (read Look Again... an adopted child is pictured on a milk carton as a missing's the first one I read of hers and it hooked me)

Jennifer Weiner ~ (OMG! Can't stop laughing....I recommend In Her Shoes or Little Earthquakes)

I read ALOT of different types of things but those are my go-to easy reading, reading for enjoyment, reading I can put down and pick up easily type books/authors ^^^

Usually I prefer to read for entertainment or suspense.

There are books such as "A Wolf at the Table" that was required reading for a psychology class... whoa! What a great but terrifying book about a sociopath father. The author also wrote Running with Scissors.

I also LOVED "What Was Mine" by Helen Klein Ross about a women who out of the blue steals a baby from a store and raises the child as her own until the child (much older now) discovers they were abducted.

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison was also easy but good reading. It was very much like Gone Girl and/or Girl on a Train.
Unregistered 07:54 AM 06-16-2017
Alice Hoffman
Josiegirl 10:26 AM 06-16-2017
I LOVE Lisa Scottoline, just finished Keep Quiet and that was really good. I'll have to check and see if they have any more available that I haven't read.

I'll have to make out a list to bring tomorrow.
MyAngels 06:28 AM 06-23-2017
I tend to read a lot of series books:

Michael Connelly's Harry Busch books and to a lesser degree his Micky Haller books. He's starting a new series this summer as well.

Robert Crais' Elvis Cole and Joe Pike books.

John Sandford's Prey books and Virgil Flowers books.

Lee Child's Jack Reacher books.
Leigh 09:26 AM 06-23-2017
I have way more favorites than I could ever list! Here are some that I have really loved, though:

Robin Cook, Dan Brown, and Stephen King: not a fan of the genres, but love the authors and their books.

Ken Follett: Again, not what I usually look for in a book, but his books are SO good.

Jackie Collins-I discovered her in Junior High, I think, and I have loved all of her books.

Sidney Sheldon: Every one has a been a favorite for me

Peter Jenkins: I so enjoyed his books about his wandering.

Neil Simon: for obvious reasons-an incredible talent

Agatha Christie: Again, not a mystery girl, but I am pretty sure I have read every book.

I have to agree with BC about Jennifer Weiner-love her books!

The only book I have read by Dee Brown was Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, but I truly was captivated by it The Native perspective is very interesting even today. My dad was a law enforcement officer for many years, and was sent to Wounded Knee when I was just a few days old and hanging on to life by a thread-I was not expected to survive because of a severe immune family definitely has some terrible opinions about the Sioux, and some are justified, some are not. I remember growing up hearing about how Dad had nothing but a nightstick when he was there, but he had guns pointed at him with no means of defense. I have Sioux friends and have fostered Sioux children, and I am always searching for more information about their history and today's perspective. I knew about the atrocities committed against the Sioux, but this book really taught me so much more, especially about why the modern Sioux still have so much hate and distrust about the US government and caucasian people in general.

Other than these, I am obsessed with biographies and autobiographies. I'll read any of them, but I really love ones about growing up in the 80's and about entertainers.
AmyKidsCo 01:42 PM 06-23-2017
For pleasure reading I like things that are lightweight and have happy endings. For comparison, I've enjoyed some Jodi Picoult but some were so intense I couldn't finish them. My favorite authors are:

Nora Roberts - Well written, somewhat predictable romances, many include some magic or "white" witchcraft.
J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) - Murder mysteries featuring the same characters, set in the future.
Laurie King - The Mary Russell books: she's apprentice/partner to a retired Sherlock Holmes. I don't like traditional Holmes but do like this version of the character.
Diana Gabaldon - Outlander series. I like the characters, but some sections are too graphic so I skip those. Be warned, they're HUGE books.
Phillipa Gregory - Historical fiction set in 16-17th century Europe, mostly England. Well researched and she discloses what liberties she's taken with history.
Josiegirl 04:18 PM 06-25-2017
I can't believe I haven't read some of the books you all have recommended! I've seen them everywhere, just never tried them.
One being Janet Evanovich. I picked up One For The Money and read it right through; it was great! I'll be reading more of hers.
Thanks again for all your ideas!!
Blackcat31 06:55 AM 06-26-2017
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:
I can't believe I haven't read some of the books you all have recommended! I've seen them everywhere, just never tried them.
One being Janet Evanovich. I picked up One For The Money and read it right through; it was great! I'll be reading more of hers.
Thanks again for all your ideas!!
Yes, Janet Evanovich is addicting!

Easy reading but mood lifting, mysterious, a bit romantic and hilariously funny!!
Thofym 10:44 PM 11-27-2018
My most favorite authors are Stephen King, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, John Grisham, James Hadley Chase. All their books are masterpieces.
Cat Herder 05:23 AM 11-28-2018
Robin Cook, Torey Hayden, many classics (Austen, Twain, Bronte, Shakespeare, Gibran, Alcot, Poe, Dickes, etc.)

Really I could go on all day.
CeriBear 04:08 AM 12-24-2018
Dean Koontz—I love psychological thrillers with just a touch of the supernatural. My all time favorite is Watchers.

Jodi Picoult—She writes about current social issues in average everyday settings. My all time favorite is Nineteen Minutes.

Frank Peretti—Thrillers with a Christian theme. My all time favorite is This Present Darkness.

George Martin (Game of Thrones) Epic fantasy. Some parts are pretty violent so be warned.

Nelson DeMille— political/military thrillers. My favorite is The Talbot Odyssey.
EmilyLily 04:04 AM 01-29-2019
My authors are boring, you know Stephen King is at the top of the list, but recently I have discovered Heath Kizzier and his book Dog walker, it is pretty intense and I love it. I am a fan of thrillers and if a book can keep me on edge, it is a great book, no matter the author.
springv 04:46 PM 01-30-2019

ellisacoy 10:51 PM 10-08-2019
Mine are:

Zadie Smith
Peter White
Haruki Murakami
Susan Sontag
Toni Morrison
Leigh 06:44 AM 10-09-2019
For mystery readers, I really enoyed Harold Adams' books.

If you like romance even a LITTLE bit, Jane Ashley Converse has 2 books out that are AWESOME. I don't usually choose that type of book, but her writing sucks you in and you can't put her books down!
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