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jprice 06:47 PM 06-30-2017
Hello, we live in Virginia and will be enrolling our 2 year old in a Summer Camp. Does anyone know if they are required to be licensed to change diapers? They said they will take the regular diaper off if needing to change and put on a pull up...isn't that still changing the diaper? I just want to make sure before we enroll. thanks!!!
blandino 10:24 PM 07-01-2017
I don't know for sure, but I have never heard of another state needing a special/different license to change diapers.

A lot of places that don't change diapers, preschools etc, don't meet the licensing standards for diaper changing areas (ie where I live, the 3 year old classrooms don't have changing tables), so the facility may not meet the diaper changing area requirements.

I think what they mean regarding pull-ups, is that the CHILD can remove them, and throw them away and put on a new one - then they can permit that. At least that's the way it works commonly here.
jprice 06:37 PM 07-02-2017
thank you for the information!
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