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Old 08-04-2017, 10:44 PM
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Default Please Help! I Got Fired Yesterday!

So yesterday, I was fired for saying a child was having a temper tantrum at dinner. She was throwing food and screaming and had to be removed from the room. Apparently another memeber of staff reported me to the supervisor who called me in to her office and told me they were letting me go. She said I don't listen and am gobby. I'm only 18 so am finding it really hard to process this. I said it to the colleague after I was asked what was wrong with said child. My employer told me I had broken confidentiality and it was completely illegal! She also said because I was standing and the gate and a parent spoke to me was a huge deal because I shouldn't be speaking to them or anywhere near the gate ( even though I was handing out breakfast and that is where the trolley is). As soon as the parent started speaking, I said hi to them and their child then after polite small talk, went back to work. We must have spoken for less than a minute and now this!!
Am I in the wrong? I didn't really want this job, more something based with older children ( I worked in a preschool) but I'm still questioning whether I should be pursuing a career in childcare. The employer is known for being really difficult and firing people a lot but I honestly didn't think I'd done anything wrong. I need help!!
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Old 08-05-2017, 02:09 AM
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I wouldn't base your future in child care on this one instance. Did you tell the dcm you were talking with, that the child was having a temper tantrum? It was probably pretty obvious even if you hadn't mentioned anything. It's incredibly difficult to say if you were in the right/wrong or if your employer was being hot-headed. Maybe she took issue because you weren't tending to the child? I have no clue, having not witnessed it.
If childcare is where you think your heart is, use this experience to your benefit and learn from it(believe me, it's not for everybody and not a simple job despite what many think). Was the employer willing to talk with you about it or more of a 'you're fired, get out' kind of reaction? And why would the other employee be running to tell the employer about it? Did she feel you were at fault? Maybe she thought you were more interested in chatting with the dcm rather than helping the child? Again, have no clue. It sounds like it was a chaotic situation that needed tending to and the dcm should've waited.
I think working in a center, under someone else, has got to be so hard.
Hope everything works out for you.
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fired, job loss

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