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View Poll Results: Which Do You Prefer For Daycare
Laptop 3 60.00%
Tablet 1 20.00%
Desktop 1 20.00%
Voters: 5. You may not vote on this poll
Curriculum>Computer vs Tablet
DaycareMama 05:34 PM 08-31-2017
I finally want to set up a computer area. Just wondering this day in age do you use a laptop or tablet?
Mike 06:14 PM 08-31-2017
I've been on a desktop computer, dead set against laptops, since the late 90's, until...
our lightning strike a few weeks ago that fried my computer
I posted earlier about that. My computer was fried, but my hard drive wasn't, so I had to get a new computer, set everything up, and copy my data over. I decided to go for a laptop, BUT...
I use it as my "desktop computer". It's currently sitting on the floor beside my desk, with a keyboard, mouse, and 24" monitor plugged into it. For all intents and purposes, right now, I'm working on a "real computer" but, if I ever want to take it with me, I can. Unplug the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power cord, and take it with me. Don't even have to shut it off to do that.

I have all the advantages of a real computer, with the portability of a laptop.
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