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Forms - Uploads>Evacuation Plan Template?
Josiegirl 04:30 AM 09-29-2017
I've been looking online but this is the 1 last thing I seem to be struggling with as far as new regs. go.
If anyone can share a link or ?? to help me write an evac plan, I'd be grateful.

I did print out a 6 page evac plan for a school to help me at least use the 'right' terminology, etc. for what the state expects. But I'm hitting a major mental block with this one.
Michael 03:24 PM 09-29-2017
Is this what you are looking for?
Josiegirl 03:40 AM 09-30-2017
Thanks Michael!! I printed off some of the pages from your first link that should be helpful. Don't know why I haven't come across that before. We took a training last year, have a big Code Blue booklet and it still seemed staggering to 'do it right'. And according to the other providers at a network meeting this past week, I'm not the only one struggling with this part of it. There's just sometimes too many sources, too much information out there that it boggles the mind. Or at least my own mind.
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