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sharlan 09:14 AM 10-20-2017
Is anyone aware of this?

Providers in my area were unaware. Most of us had inspections in the past few months and nothing was said.

We have to take an on-line course and take a test on mandated reporting for child abuse. It appears to be 95 pages long and it's slated to take 3 hours. We have to renew it every 2 years.

The bill goes into effect January 1. We have until March 30 to comply.
sharlan 09:15 AM 10-20-2017
I don't have a problem complying, I just wish the analysts would inform us during inspections.
hwichlaz 09:51 AM 10-20-2017
It seems like a good thing. I'll have to ask RandR. They usually email us those updates.

I'm almost a year late for inspection. My analyst is out on medical leave and they are having a hard time covering for her. I'm on pins and needles constantly.
sharlan 10:13 AM 10-20-2017
Go to mandated reporter ca. It will give you the info.

Or look up AB1207.
sharlan 12:22 PM 10-20-2017
I just saw it in the fall quarterly newsletter.
sharlan 12:36 PM 10-20-2017
Double post
MarinaVanessa 03:53 PM 10-20-2017
I just attended a meeting on Tuesday with my local child care association and went over this and a bunch of other stuff too. I already knew about it but this was a chance for us providers to ask for clarification. It was put on by licensing and we had 1 of the 2 child care advocates in the state leading it.

Here were my take-away's about the new mandated reporter training from the meeting:
I'm not too worried about it, it seems long but I've had providers tell me they went through it all in an hour and a half including the test portion of it. They're the ones like me that would already take the old mandated reporter online course even if it wasn't required so were familiar with it. This mandated reporter training is new and has replaced the old one we used to take and is now mandatory so I'm curious to see what's different. I plan on taking it this weekend so I'll update you on how long it takes me. Many providers joked about waiting until March 29 to take it so they wouldn't have to re-certify until March 2020 instead of taking it now

I was more worried about the Incidental Medical Services section number 102417 because it makes us all mandated ADA providers. I still have to draw up my policy for those and send them to my analyst.

And get ready for a mandatory SIDS training requirement. It's not a requirement yet but it's in the works already and should be added in the next year or so. It will be just like CPR and Mandated Reporter training, we'll have to re-certify every couple of years. And we'll have Safe Sleep regulation in place to follow as well. Common sense stuff really ... back-to-sleep, no blankets/pillows/bumpers and no sleeping babies in car seats etc. We're finally going to have regulations to show the parents, not just "recommendations".

... AND remember that Preventative Health & Safety Practices certificate you got when you first submitted your license? You know, the one that has no expiration date? Well if you move or upgrade your license from a small to a large you'll have to re-take it again. Lots and lots of changes happening and more coming.
sharlan 04:02 PM 10-20-2017
I read it this morning but when I scrolled through to see how long the test was it kicked me out and said I missed 20 out of 20. I'll take it tomorrow.

I'll just do it to get it over with.
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