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Farmerswife 07:29 AM 12-30-2017
I currently have an in-home daycare and am legally unlicensed. I get a lot of calls from new soon-to-be moms looking for care. We are a very small community and I know many of the other in-home daycares (legal and illegal) in our area and they are all full. There is a daycare center in town, but they don't have the best reputation. The daycare center in the next town over (approx. 7 minute drive) has a waitlist of over 20. So, there is a definite need for a daycare in our area. I make a comfortable salary, love being at home when my own kids get off the bus, love being unlicensed and not having to answer to someone about how I run my business, enjoy that I can set my own hours and take time off when I need/want to. Has anyone recently went from in-home to a center and found it beneficial? Is there good money in it? I have not started much research on it, but it has been on my mind non-stop for a week now because I feel like I need to help these families who are without daycare. Any input is welcome!
kendallina 07:21 AM 12-31-2017
I've had these same thoughts over the years and every time I run the numbers it wouldn't be worth it until I had at least 40 kids. Running a center with 40 plus kids is soooo much more work and such a bigger gamble than what I currently do. And if you're talking about catering to infants you have to have a lot more staff.

I did love running a center when I was a director but at this point in my life I personally couldn't take the risk plus extra work.

I'm definitely not trying to talk you out of it, but it's simple to run some rough numbers. See if it might work for you.
daycarediva 11:20 AM 01-02-2018
Run the numbers, write up the pros and cons.

I was a director and I pretty much hated it, only because I had an owner to answer to. I hope to open my own center, and in my area even commercial real estate is affordable. I would need 50 kids to make it work (and an increase in profit)

If I could operate as licensed for my current capacity in a separate home, I would do that in a second. I am SO jealous of other states that allow providers to do that. Having it in my home is the biggest drawback.
Unregistered 04:19 AM 01-13-2018
Years ago I closed my family child care to open a center. I hated it and let my partner take over after two years. I went back to my nice, calm family child care!!!!

I think many family child care providers think about opening a center.
I know a few who have been successful at it.

It just wasn't for me at all!!! It was really stressful and hectic! That said, some people love ❤️ being a director or owner/director.

Have you worked in centers before? Did you generally like it? Would you enjoy being more in the office over working with the kids? How would you be with hiring and possible firing? Are you comfortable overseeing others? Are you comfortable juggling a lot? Etc.

Good luck in your decision!!
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