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Jdy2222 05:15 PM 01-12-2018
Many have mentioned on the forum adding a clause to the policy about sending kids home if they cry for 2 hours or more.

Can anyone share their wording on this ... all I've got is "If your kid is a pain and if he drives me too far up the wall you need to come get him. And, you know, it'd be nice if you'd stop giving in to his every whim and help me help him to develop some coping mechanisms." (Not really something I'd ever actually say, but that's the gist of it. )
boy_mom 04:42 PM 01-13-2018
I always added mine to my sick policy - if a child cries continuously for 2 hours, for any reason, I will call for pick up. Parents must arrive within 30 mins of being contacted.

And then call every. time. The only way parent wills change a behavior at home is if it affects them!
Jdy2222 09:07 AM 01-16-2018
hwichlaz 11:50 AM 01-17-2018
I just state that "Inconsolable infants/children will be sent home as it may be a sign of a medical problem."
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