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Laurens07 10:37 AM 01-23-2018
I think this child is abused/neglected at home but I donít want to cal unless I know for sure.
He comes in with a sippy cup that has old milk caked on the rim of the cup, the cup always smells bad & we always the one washing it. Heís 3 but isnít potty trained yet which isnít a big deal because heís just turned 3 but he comes in with a full diaper of pee a lot. Not just a regular pee but like a huge soaking wet diaper that has gone through his pants several times. Heís non verbal most of the time so itís hard to get him to talk.
In the past month, we have documented bruises on his cheeks, upper thigh & on his ear. The biggest bruise is on his ear. Heís a pretty aggressive child. He has huge tantrums when he is told no & has been getting more hands on with child. Mother said that Dad has a temper. Iím concerned. He doesnít play with other kids really too often but he likes to run with them. Please, any ideas?
storybookending 11:17 AM 01-23-2018
Call CPS now. Tell them the information you have gathered and they will investigate. You don’t need to have proof of "knowing for sure" your suspicions are enough to justify the call. If you are wrong, oh well, but if you are right and don’t make the call and something terrible happens would you be able to live with yourself?
Cat Herder 11:18 AM 01-23-2018
It isn't your job to know for sure. If you suspect, you are supposed to report your suspicion. You can call for a developmental evaluation or speak to your CCR&R as well.
MarinaVanessa 01:00 PM 01-23-2018
If you work with kids and are licensed chances are that you are mandated reporter. If you are a mandated reporter you are required to report any POSSIBLE neglect or abuse. You don't have to know for sure, just have a suspicion. CPS will take your info and decide whether it needs to be investigated or not. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. Your job is simply to report.
Josiegirl 02:33 AM 01-24-2018
I agree with the rest. Plus, even if CPS doesn't think it's abnormal at the moment, they'll have a file begun on the child.
rosieteddy 09:42 AM 01-24-2018
I would definitely call.That story last week about the parents tying their children to beds and not feeding them blew my mind.Then to hear a neighbor saw them marching around late at night.He never thought to call anyone. Call better to be wrong than do nothing and the child suffers.
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