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angelbice1 10:58 PM 03-23-2018
I am a single mother of a newborn baby girl seriously and desperately seeking for an adoptive parent for my baby girl. It has been a hard decision but one thing I believe is that I will be selfish if I don't give this child the opportunity she deserves. I really need someone to adopt her and treat her like her/his own blood.
If you are seriously seeking to adopt , you can contact me directly:

Michael 11:54 PM 03-23-2018
What state are you located in?

I removed your email address. You need to use a licensed adoption agency:
Unregistered 02:12 PM 03-10-2021
FYI - People do not need to go through a licensed agency to choose adoption for their babies. Private/Independent adoptions can be done with a homestudy by the adoptive parents as well as adoption lawyers for both parties.
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