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sakurasanta86 06:43 PM 04-02-2018
I have a family where one parent claims the childcare one year, the next year is the other parents turn.

I collect the payment from one parent, have a contract with that parent, all paperwork is in this parents name, see this parent everyday the child is in attendance. I see the other parent maybe five min on a drop off one day a week.

So since the kidkare account is in the one parents name for payment, is there a way to change it all so the parent that get to claim this year has their name on the printout for total paid for the year.
Cat Herder 05:36 AM 04-03-2018
I would simply print the W-10 and account summary as is. It clearly says the child's name so the appropriate parent can simply deduct as usual. They work out who claims each year between them, you don't need to be involved.

It won't matter which parents name is on the receipts, just that the child's is. Their court order clears up the rest if they are audited. If the wrong parent tries to claim, regardless of who paid, it will come down to the court order in an audit.

Also, you posted this in the Natural, Holistic and RAW Lifestyle section (something I don't think I ever noticed we had ) You might get better response by posting tax questions in the tax section. I added tags at the bottom to take you to other threads on this topic.
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