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Daycare Insurance>DCI / Liability Insurance In CA For Small Family Childcare
ballen101 10:19 AM 04-29-2018
Has anyone actually used Daycare Insurance for their family daycare? I'm a little skeptical because I can't find many reviews online.

Does anyone have other liability insurance recommendations for California? I have AAA for renter's insurance, but I've read that they do not have offer daycare liability insurance.

Blackcat31 06:34 AM 04-30-2018
Not in CA but I use Assure for liability insurance.
They are fairly inexpensive and I haven't had any issues with them.

Here are some other threads about liability insurance.
hwichlaz 04:54 PM 05-05-2018
Iím in California and use Assured. DCI is about a lot more expensive in my area, but they also do Daycare Liability Insurance. Both companies have great reputations.
ballen101 11:59 AM 05-08-2018
Thank you I'll look into Assured too
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