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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>Your DCKs' Favorite Lunch Option??
Josiegirl 02:29 AM 06-22-2018
Is there any food that when they ask what's for lunch and you say 'it's', they all go YAY?
Pizza is #1 here, and today that's what on the menu.
Easy peasy and everyone loves it!
Cat Herder 05:49 AM 06-22-2018
Turkey spaghetti.
DaveA 07:22 AM 06-22-2018
Quesadillas. Doesn’t really matter the filling- beef, chicken, veggie. As long as it’s cheesy and in a tortilla they’re happy.
storybookending 08:08 AM 06-22-2018
Pizza for sure. Spaghetti is always gobbled up. They love corn on the cob, they also think they are cool when we have corn dogs bc of the stick.
Leigh 10:50 AM 06-22-2018
Pizza, tacos, spaghetti, "white noodles" (homemade fettucine), Arroz con Pollo, homemade hot pockets, mac and cheese with corn (I have no idea what the casserole is called), homemade chicken strips or nuggets (I use bacon Cheez-its for breading), grilled cheese rollups, swiss steak, fajitas. Sometimes, for a kid's birthday, we have McDonalds-we have to say that is the #1 favorite They also love homemade Super Potato Oles (a Taco John's meal for those who don't have one nearby) and super nachos (meat, black beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, and jalapenos on the side for the 2 who are like me and can't get enough!). Cheeseburger sliders are popular, too. The more time, effort, and money that I put into a meal, the less they like it-that's for sure.

For sides: garlic mashed potatoes, cheesy green beans, creamed peas, "crash" potatoes, and salads-lettuce, cabbage, pasta-they like them all.
daycarediva 09:38 AM 06-28-2018
NOPE! Crazy picky eaters for sure.

There are some with no pizza, some no PB&J, some no PASTA, etc. No one size fits all favorite, unfortunately.

Even for snacks, it's hit or miss. I throw away 90% of the veggies I make (or eat them myself, yum!)

and forget about any dish combined like a casserole. Nope. They won't touch it.

Makes things easier though, I rarely 'cook' for them anymore. We do lots of sandwiches, fresh fruit, fresh veggies (sandwiches I can cut into 4th's for taste testing, and same with veggies. One piece to try).
Jo123ABC 07:35 PM 06-28-2018
Spaghetti, white rice, tater tot hotdish, chicken Alfredo (homemade cream cheese sauce only)... Also my daughter NEEDS bruschetta and peas with it fruit and yogurt smoothies, chocolate chip muffins, banana bread, French bread pizzas.
ellen211 10:54 PM 07-01-2018
Anything related to pasta. They will love it.
flossie 03:51 PM 09-01-2018
As already mentioned, pasta and red sauce is big with older babies through the preschoolers at our preschool & daycare center. Every 6 weeks I make rotini with meaty spaghetti sauce (some of the time adding pepperoni and cheese to mix it up now and again) and chicken alfredo (usually rotini but intend to do just penne) and elbows with meaty sauce (has paprika and is called goulash on my menu-with the start of the new preschool year I intend to add beans to the goulash, too). All 3 of those pasta meals are made/mixed and placed in a couple baking pans and finished in the oven so that it's easier for the teachers to serve. Anyway, yes, pasta is definitely a winner here, too, ha ha. Of course, they do also love pizza. Oh, and quesadillas with cheese and mashed pinto/re-fried beans.
CityGarden 12:55 PM 09-02-2018
I do snack online but my kids favorite snacks are muffins, pancakes, and popsicles. They think all of them are treats but they are loaded with health items.

All my kids bring lunches from home but pasta is always a favorite of theirs.
LysesKids 01:36 AM 09-03-2018
Oven just died yesterday while cooking meals (I usually BBQ grill 3 days meat on Sundays, but it's raining) and until I can afford to fix or replace... stove top still works, no Micro zapper; Need new meal ideas and all kids under 24 months and GO. I do a lot of Ethnic so I have some meals like tamales ready ( pain in the behind but so worth it to make & freeze because you steam them to cook) My kids hate Pizza lol, love pasta
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