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Unregistered 08:17 AM 07-05-2018
I need some help please. I have a client that has been with me for two years. We have had many ups and downs as she is a neglectful parent never brushes her child's hair where's dirty clothing or stained clothing. Often comes without shoes and isn't bathed very much. There has been many times she has not paid me and has ignored my request for payment until the child comes the next day. Since then I started enforcing the $10 late fee and she pays it. But when you're only getting a small amount from her anyway if she comes a petty issue. After multiple talks each thing will eventually work itself out with the exception of hair brushing and bathing I don't know why. This child used to be a full-time child 4 days a week at least. Now this child is only here for 8 days a month due to parents change in scheduling at work. She works more night shifts now and I'm not open in the evening. I have mentioned to her twice before that I need to have her child in daycare more often as she is only charged by the day she is a state assisted client. I have decided the term because I just can't deal with all of the issues along with the lack of income that I could be getting for that spot I don't want to be negative but I am required to give reason why I am terminating. So I have chosen to terminate due to attendance. She does bring her when she has to work in the daytime but it's just not enough. I'm only permitted to have six children in Care at one time so I really need to fill her spot with somebody else. How should I word the termination letter without bringing up everything and just going on attendance?
storybookending 08:30 AM 07-05-2018
Curious to why you say you need to give a reason? I would just go with something like this:

“Dear DCM,

ABC Daycare is restructuring and will only be able to offer enrollment to children attending full time.

The last day that I will be able to care for Sally is XX/XX/18.

We have enjoyed having Sally here and will be sad to see her go.

Unregistered 08:37 AM 07-05-2018
Originally Posted by storybookending:
Curious to why you say you need to give a reason? I would just go with something like this: r”
That is perfect! Thank you so much.
I am required by law to give at least a two-week written termination notice as well as submitting it to my local Resource Center when clients or receiving State subsidy.
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