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pumpalumps 02:30 PM 07-18-2018
My cable company Comcast/Xfinity refused to install an alarm system in my house stating that I was running a daycare and it is against privacy laws. I do not have any intention of having cameras installed inside the house. Only alarm sensors on the windows and one camera on the outside of the house, facing the street. I do not understand what the problem is here? I already called licensing and they do not have any regulations regarding cameras. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
hwichlaz 03:01 PM 07-18-2018
it's more likely that comcast has a policy against it, there's no law against it
hwichlaz 03:04 PM 07-18-2018
We are a two party audio recording state though....

With video only, you just need to keep it out of areas where people can reasonably expect privacy, like bedrooms and bathrooms. Even then I'm installing as a baby monitor in my daughter's bedroom, but only turning that one on when a baby is asleep in there.
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