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Josiegirl 01:16 PM 09-23-2018
I just finished this book, the author and his little dog, Atticus had a rare and close bond. And together they achieved great things. Beautiful story that touches on a relationship between man and his dog.
Blackcat31 06:48 PM 09-23-2018
Iím not super emotional but I can never watch movies or read books about pets
They always die or get lost.
I tear up watching trailers for Hachi; a dogs tale
I wish I could cuz animal and human relationships are awesome
Josiegirl 02:07 AM 09-24-2018
I am the exact same way BC, so was apprehensive about reading this story. I even looked at the copyright date, fully expecting to see him lose the dog in the end. I foolishly checked out his blog after the book and yes, he did lose the dog but it wasn't in the book. And he's now telling stories about his 2 newer dogs.
I remember watching Marley and Me, along with Hachi and both movies washed my face with more tears than any other movie I've watched.
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