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ELaine40 09:48 PM 09-25-2018
Iím trying to start my own home daycare. And, Iím not sure of who I can address my question too. My husband received a DUI over 10 years ago. Along with a child endangerment (children were in the car at the time of his DUI) would this prevent me from obtaining my home daycare license?
CityGarden 10:30 PM 09-25-2018
I would call your state licensing office and ask....

Also check what is required for a criminal exemption, the process takes much longer to open from what a friend experienced here and it did not include any child endangerment - in my state I doubt you could get an exemption with child endangerment charges in your past.

Maybe list your state and others from the state might be able to help you find the documentation.
Michael 01:30 AM 09-26-2018
I don't believe it would prevent you but it does depend on your state. Where are you located?
Cat Herder 03:43 AM 09-26-2018
The child endangerment charge would prevent a home daycare, here, because he lives there. It would make insurance very difficult to get, too. It would not affect you at all in a center, though, as he is not on premises.

As everyone else said, it really depends on the state. Some states are more lax.
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