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Gomezalma 07:36 AM 01-06-2019
Hello everyone

I'm a so glad I found this site. Feels like there is so much good information on here. My question is I want to open a daycare but my husband has a misdemeanor on his record. And his misdeamenor is on the non exemptible crimes list. But my question is can he still apply for an exemption if his record gets expunged. Meaning found not guilty. It's been 5 years already. And I am really passionate about opening a daycare. Any information would help. Thank you.
Cat Herder 07:44 AM 01-06-2019
As long as it was not child abuse/neglect, drugs or a violent offense (like domestic/spousal) it should be pretty easy to get approved.

Your licensor or CCR&R should be able to tell you whether it will be worth applying pretty easily, though.
Michael 11:55 PM 01-08-2019
Welcome to the forum. What state are you located in? Here are state by state standards to view:
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